South Texas Defective Product Lawyer

Countless defective products are sold to unwitting consumers which result in accidents, injury and even wrongful death. If you, your child or any loved one has been seriously hurt because of a defective product, contact a South Texas Defective Product Lawyer for a free expert legal consultation and legal help.personal injury attorneys

At our Law Office, we have been providing our experience and aggressive legal representation to clients who have been injured from defective products for many years. We are proud to say that we have won millions of dollars for our clients who were injured by defective products, as well as for all areas of Accident and Personal Injury Law in South Texas. With full understanding that money may not undo loss and injury, we are aware of the relief it can bring to pay for medical costs, future medical care, wage loss and basic living compromises which can come about from being severely injured by defective products.

Experienced South Texas Defective Product Lawyer
There are several common ways defective products can cause injuries. These defective products include design flaws that can make a product unsafe to use for its intended purpose. In addition, manufacturing may change or omit some safety aspect called for in the design of the product, or have a manufacturing flaw which renders the product defective and dangerous for consumers to use.

Further, an error in the packaging and distribution of the product, such as omitting labels, using wrong labels or missing proper warning labels can bring about a failure to inform the consumer about the nature of the product, how to use it or store it correctly. All of these potential issues can result in the product becoming defective and ultimately causing injury.defective products attorney

Defective Products and Hazards to Children

Products which are unsafe for children, such as defective toys, can be hazardous for these same reasons. These defective products can come to the child with asphyxiation or choking hazards, fire or burn hazards, lead paint violations or other hazards. The Consumer Product Safety Commission keeps a list of products which have been recalled due to being unsafe and having the potential to cause an injury. You can help to enforce product safety by holding companies liable for serious defective products.

If you believe that you or a loved one has been injured due to a defective product, contact our Defective Product Lawyer at our Law Office for a free legal consultation.

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